Entry #1

Huge Update!!!

2016-12-15 03:57:39 by Swffr

Hello everyone!!!

Well..... at least to the ones who see this post.

I will be uploading art on here next year. Work has been keeping me busy (it's true but that's a poor excuse) and I've wanted to put my art somewhere other than keeping them in my folders. Haven't put a lot of my art out for public viewing but that will change. I promise c:

So hang tight and enjoy the ride



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2016-12-15 06:31:18

Looking forward to it :D


2017-01-23 10:48:08

a hah ha Xd ok

Swffr responds:

just watch me pal >:]


2017-02-02 23:12:31

Where's the roblox fan art tho?