100 Fans /// Thanks y'all!

2017-12-30 03:50:11 by Swffr

For all of the artists and people I have come to know over the past 7 years, thank you so much!!! I appreciate all of the comments, conversations and friendships from you fantastic people. I mean it, you idiots C:

A very special thank you to the real human bean, Luca <3

F R I E N D (aka Kelzad)
Amethy (Beautiful Badass)
Viri (Fabulous Friend)
Zmatrix (Actual Twin)
DarkSignal (Master Coordinator)
Bob Ross in the Flesh (aka Clatform)
Gibb50 (Rad Dude with a 'Tude)
one BIG beautiful loser (aka Cethic)

Vaneer (aka Descension)
James (Gamer)
Clarissa (Gamer Gril)
Top-Tier Wizard (aka Trevor)
Calm Mind (aka Spirit)
Actual Kelzad Memer (aka Jackson)
Top-Notch God (aka Coolisushi)
Awez (Bloody Hell)
Hom-e/Son (aka SM28)
Genuine Madman/Son (aka Sharp)
H20 Son (aka NarrowedBlits)
NitroTech (Prime Technician)
Hammer God (aka Dankon)
Armi (OW based)
Dasker (Fiesta Friend)
Vinny (aka P3M/Croissant)
T3xno (Graffiti Aficionado)
Madnesia19 (Plot Provider)
Sprite God (aka ShootDaCheese)
DudingDarn (Italian Sprite Devil)
SentryTurbo (Tactical Teleporter)
Omenakettu (Bitey Fighty Monster)
Yalloon the Balloon (aka Hunter)
Zapchon (Potential Memer)
Dronik (Freestyler)
Dizzel (Simply Perfect)

There are so many other people to list but I spent a good 40+ minutes typing this, c'mon 

It truly was an honor to have come in contact with so many cool people, you made this year a great one. Thanks for putting up with me. Stay fresh, my dudes.


Commissions Are A Go!!!

2017-07-26 23:24:46 by Swffr

Hey there everyone!!

Me and Cymbourine are doing commissions together; This is a collaborative effort to get the word out about what we can draw for you.

It's what we love to do, so by all means feel free to message us on NG or Twitter if you are interested

( We will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have )

Cymbourine WILL be taking NSFW commissions 

  • Sketch - $5 USD 
  • Coloured - $10 USD (Limit 2 characters)
  • Full - $15 USD (Includes a complimentary Mystery Monster drawing)


  • Mystery Monster - $5 USD / LIMITED 1 PER ORDER

These are strange looking creatures drawn with random features and details (Yes, you can provide a short list of features if you so wish) vvvvvv Examples vvvvvv



Send payments via PayPal ONLY!!! 

Huge Update!!!

2016-12-15 03:57:39 by Swffr

Hello everyone!!!

Well..... at least to the ones who see this post.

I will be uploading art on here next year. Work has been keeping me busy (it's true but that's a poor excuse) and I've wanted to put my art somewhere other than keeping them in my folders. Haven't put a lot of my art out for public viewing but that will change. I promise c:

So hang tight and enjoy the ride